14 października 2011 10:16

To whom it may concern (Statement of Grzegorz Głazek on the Jury of Jedynka Award)

To whom it may concern

In a statement of the Jury of the Jedynka Award* dated 19 September 2011 (published on 21 and 22 September on climb.pl, pza.org.pl, wspinanie.pl), seven members of the Jury resigned as members and stated there that „the further fate of the Award is left in the competent hands of Grzegorz Głazek.”

Accordingly, any action undertaken by these former members on behalf of the Jury after their resignation cannot be considered legitimate.

In particular, the above applies to any attempts to represent the Jury in Polish and international media.

Grzegorz Głazek
Warsaw, 13 October 2011, 8.00 pm

[* Polish: Kapituła Nagrody „Jedynka”]

Translation of Polish statement.


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